The BZAAR Story

Back in the days of brick-and-mortar bazars, it was the privilege of large, traditional traders to procure unique goods from faraway countries. They had the resources and contacts for easy access to these markets. 

Not much has changed in today’s e-commerce world: small and medium-sized businesses struggle to source authentic goods across borders. Lengthy paperwork, long calls to haggle prices and complex freight processes are just some of the problems that prevent small sellers and buyers from transacting seamlessly. It takes tremendous effort to jump through these hoops, so the vivid origin stories of the unique goods are no longer at the fore. Tales of the artisans’ craftsmanship are lost because sourcing is a tiring and mundane business process. 

At BZAAR, we’re reimagining the sourcing experience for small and medium-sized businesses!

Our teams of experts work through various checkpoints before and after ‘buying’, taking away the processes and to-do lists, so you can savor the experience of slow shopping. We’re harnessing the power of technology to create a solid framework to deliver a silky smooth and effortless cross-border sourcing experience. 

Our curated marketplace features high-quality goods from verified sellers who take pride in showcasing every creation. With a wide range of skills, our sellers produce one-of-a-kind, authentic products, mostly by hand. At BZAAR, we make it easy for you to buy these products from these skilled designers, craftsmen and artisans. Starting with our India, we're focusing on showcasing the vibrant designs of South East Asian products.

Browse through our sellers’ stories and find one that inspires you. Relish the experience of handpicking products to add to your catalog and shelves. Curate items that are soaked in stories of rare craftsmanship sharpened over generations - all so you can offer a rich shopping experience to your customers. 

From the creative artisan... to the verified seller... to the growing buyer... all the way to the discerning customer...

The story thrives with BZAAR!

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