Our Story

BZAAR was established in 2020 to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) digitally source products from South and South-East Asia.

Recent years have seen a paradigm shift in the digital transformation of SMBs in the retail sector - both in terms of selling and sourcing online. As former employees of Flipkart - India’s largest e-commerce company (and now a part of Walmart) - we knew the value that could be created by enabling SMBs to source across borders digitally.

China has long been a popular sourcing destination for small and large businesses alike. However, our extensive research has shown that South Asian and South-East Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are also significant sourcing destinations for major international retail chains and buying houses.

These countries were not accessible to small buyers due to a lack of structure and the offline nature of doing business. There were no digital alternatives and no online platforms for SMBs to discover trusted suppliers and assist along their buying journey.

These problems inspired us to launch BZAAR - an international online sourcing platform that enables SMBs to seamlessly source unique products directly from suppliers at the best prices.

Our Vision

While large retail chains can deploy entire sourcing teams in multiple countries or tie-up with some of the biggest buying houses in the world, SMBs can only access suppliers through poorly-vetted directories or offline agents and intermediaries.

Our vision is to digitally enable every small and medium business to have the same advantages as large ones for international sourcing - whether it is the selection of products, prices, shipping time, or payment terms.

We believe that every business - regardless of size or location - should have equal access to the vast sourcing opportunities that the global supply chain offers.