Our Sellers

All our sellers are export-focused and operate world-class factories and infrastructure. They possess all the necessary licenses and certifications required for their products to be sold in the US, EU, Australia, etc. Before on-boarding our sellers, we thoroughly vet them through physical audits and due diligence programs and ensure that they are legally compliant with national as well as international rules and regulations.

Here are just a few of our export-oriented sellers:


Ellementry has been exporting Home Decor goods to major US and European retail chains since 1990.

East India Co

East India Co has been exporting textile products to major clients in the US, Europe and Australia since 1971.

Kara Weaves

Kara Weaves has been exporting Fair-Trade handwoven textiles to countries around the world since 2007

Casa Decor

Casa Decor has been exporting wooden and marble home decor goods since 2008 to several major US retail chains.


Anantaya has been exporting Home Decor products since 2003 to US retail chains like Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, etc.

House This

House This has been exporting textile products to major clients in the US, Europe and several other countries since 1988.

Additionally, we have a mix of smaller manufacturers who are up-and-coming in the export space. Our buyers get the choice to work with any seller of their liking. As a general rule of thumb, larger sellers will prefer to work on larger quantities but offer better prices while smaller sellers are open to smaller quantities but will offer slightly higher prices.

Our dedicated sourcing team of Bzaar will help match you with the right seller according to your requirements.