Social Responsibility

At BZAAR, we believe in following ethical and sustainable sourcing practices

Statutory Compliances

At Bzaar, we ensure that our suppliers strictly follow the country’s existing statutory rules and guidelines, such as child labor, minimum wages, and environmental laws. It also includes stringent quality and certification checks to ensure that the manufacturing of these products complies with the regulations of the buyers’ countries.

Ethical Production

We promote ethical practices by encouraging suppliers that work on Fair Trade principles. We encourage non-profit organizations to list on our platform and suppliers that commit to fair wages. We also consciously promote suppliers that follow environment-friendly practices such as avoiding plastic packaging, using recycled material, minimizing waste, etc.

Preserving Traditional Cultures

South Asia and South-East Asia is home to numerous traditional crafts, and we have a responsibility to preserve them. Bzaar highlights handcrafted products made by artisans using traditional methods and processes. By promoting these suppliers and their art, we make it financially viable for future generations of artisans to continue making these products in a traditional yet sustainable manner.