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About Us

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for buyers to have agile, reliable, and diversified sourcing channels beyond China.

Bzaar was established in 2020 by a team of seasoned supply chain professionals to address this very need. Today, we are the partners of choice for US retailers, offering streamlined sourcing and manufacturing solutions based in India.

The Bzaar Promise
A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Why Source From India?

New Age India is the most promising destination for retailers looking to diversify their sourcing strategy globally. Here's why.

Cost Savings

India's cost-saving advantages elevate profit margins through skilled labor and competitive production costs.


With extensive manufacturing capabilities, India accommodates businesses of all sizes, offering scalability and flexibility.

Diverse Product Range

India's diverse economy ensures a wide range of offerings tailored to various business niches.

Sustainable Practices

Ensuring environmentally responsible sourcing, supporting the creation of a greener supply chain.

Quality & Craftsmanship

India's reputation for artisanal expertise guarantees unique, high-quality goods for discerning customers.

Cultural Exclusivity

India's rich culture provides access to products imbued with authenticity, enabling the creation of a brand identity.

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From India to the world

There are more factors at play. India's GDP is #5 in the world and growing at 6-8% YoY. According to the World Bank, the nation's Ease of Doing Business Rank is dramatically improving. With rapid technological advancements and low manufacturing costs ($1.94/hour average).

The opportunities that India offers are, frankly, tremendous. But it is also a vast, complex, and diverse market that is hard to negotiate without having an insider view.

At Bzaar, we are your allies. Your eyes and feet on the ground to simplify and streamline your sourcing. Interested in how we can help? 


Meet our Global Team

Say hello to our top-notch Global Leadership Team, spread across Delhi, Bengaluru, and the US. With a wealth of experience from leading industry giants and prestigious schools, our team is here to drive Bzaar forward with expertise and innovation.


Nishant Verman

CEO, Co-Founder

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Dhruv Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

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John Jacobson

Chief Revenue Officer

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Linda Simpson

US Trend & Design Head

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Process & QA Head

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