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How we work

At Bzaar, we make procurement painless through efficient, transparent processes and responsive service.
We take care of everything, from vendor selection to delivery. No blind spots, no follow-ups, no endless waits.

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1. Briefing Call

2. Research &

3. Sampling

4. Production

5. Tracking

6. Quality

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7. Packaging

8. Shipping

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Brieifing Call

We start by developing a thorough understanding of your requirements as a buyer. What are your specific needs? Who are your customers? What timelines are you looking at? This kickoff call helps us get clarity and onboard our design team.


Research & Design

In addition to your inputs, we do our own research to translate your needs into a design brief. This takes the form of a curated presentation with product images, specifications, and inputs from our vendors. Bonus: we can also share the latest trends and collections developed in partnership with our US-based Design Consultants and Trend Experts.



Our design team works with handpicked vendors to develop high-quality samples based on the brief. These wll be ready for your inspection and approval within 2-3 weeks.



Once the first sample is approved, we create the final spec sheet and the chosen vendors will begin production. A typical production cycle is anywhere from 45-60 days.



During this time, you'll have full visibility about the production status through a Centralized Dashboard that's updated daily. No more inbox clutter or follow-up emails! Login anytime to track the daily status of production, approvals, quality inspection outcomes such as fail rates, lab test results where relevant, shipping information, and more.


Quality Control

We guarantee 100% quality control for every product shipped from our vendor factories. Following AQL standard 2.5 level II, our inhouse QA experts inspect each item and conduct relevant stress tests, lab tests, and label checks to ensure product functionality, safety, and compliance with regulations. We follow a 5-point process for quality audits that includes (1) Pre-Production Audit to verify production readiness (2) First Article Inspection to validate the process (3) Inline & Midline Audits at various checkpoints (4) Cross Audits for independent assessments and (5) Final Audit at the end of the line before delivery.



We design packaging according to ISTA norms to protect it from structural and environmental damages during transit. From boxes to crates or custom cases, we can design packaging to your specifications, including the use of sustainable materials and custom branding.



We ship products via trusted 3P logistics companies such as FedEx and DHL to ensure smooth, hassle-free delivery. You'll have a clear view of timelines and status at every stage of the transit journey. Shipping options include: - Delivery Duty Shipping (DDP) with all-inclusive pricing: imports, clearance & freight - Free On Board (FOB) where we ship to the port of your choice and hand over to your chosen shipping partner - Dropshipping is also an option if you'd like to remain inventory-light

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