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Party Supplies

The global party supplies market is seeing tremendous growth and expected to cross USD 28.8 Bn by 2031. US retailers looking to meet this demand have many reasons to turn to India: a vibrant and diverse range of products, a keen focus on quality and adherence to international safety standards, a commitment to using sustainable materials, and relatively low import taxes. Explore our offerings, manufactured ethically by certified vendors.

1. Serveware

Serveware that balances functionality and sustainability, resisting heat and sogginess. We manufacture using eco-friendly materials such as paper, bamboo, areca palm or bagasse, in a variety of sizes and customizations such as food compartments.


Elegant, practical, sturdy. We manufacture party flatware from wood, bamboo, plastic, melamine, and other plant fibre, keeping functionality in mind. The knives cut cleanly through meats while the forks and spoons don't bend or break.

3. Drinkware

From reusable glasses to elegant disposable cups. We offer a selection of resuable and single-use drinkware for parties and events, made from melamine and plastic or eco-friendly materials such as paper and bamboo.

4. Decoratives

Festive and eye-catching decoratives to enhance party ambiance. Easy to use and perfect for creating a vibrant atmosphere. Available in woven, non-woven and sustainable materials 

5. Props and Bags

Fun and creative props and bags for every event. Made from materials such as paper with printing services, ensuring easy cleanup and adding a festive flair.