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India has a historical reputation for handcrafted furniture and woodworking. With technological advancements, mechanization, increasing government support, and manufacturing innovations, our capability has been increasing year on year. In the past decade, India's furniture export has increased by 248%, with India-made pieces being imported into the US, UK, Germany, France, and the UAE. Source your furniture from India to leverage the excellent craftsmanship and low production costs.

1. Accent Tables

Beautiful accent tables for every design aesthetic. Expertly fashioned from premium materials like solid wood, metal, marble, and glass, to your specifications.

2. Chairs

Comfortable, stylish, built to last. From fully upholstered chairs to solid wood pieces, from lounge chairs to accents, we can manufacture a range of designs.

Versatile pieces for organizing and storage. We make a variety of pieces, from woven baskets and trunks to shelving units and cabinets.

3. Storage

4. Mirror

Precision-crafted Mirrors. Our vendors work with premium materials like marble inlay, solid wood, metal brass, and glass to create standout pieces.

5, Bar and Tea Carts

Tea and Bar carts for serving and decor. We construct these from durable materials like powder-coated metal and treated wood, keeping in mind prep and storage space and smooth-rolling casters.