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India is emerging as a high-potential destination to source pet products. With rising pet ownership and awareness about pet care, the domestic market crossed USD 9.95 Bn in 2023, with pet product manufacturing scaling alongside. Our vendors offer a diverse array of pet supplies, from apparel and toys to grooming tools and hygiene essentials.

Through significant improvements in quality control processes and compliance with international safety standards, Indian manufacturers are ensuring that the pet products made in the country are safe, durable, and of the highest quality. As the demand for pet products continues to rise, source from India to meet your needs.. Major retailers like PetSmart and Chewy are increasingly turning to Indian suppliers for their wide range of high-quality, innovative pet products, from bedding and toys to clothing and accessories.

1. Bedding

Premium bedding for cats and dogs. Made with high quality, soft fibers for breathability and comfort, while also being rugged, tear-resistant and easy to clean. We can work with natural materials such as cotton and coir, as well as polyester, vinyl, faux leather, and more.

2.Fedding Bowl

Stylish, practical, pet-safe. We manufacture food and water bowls for pets from durable, non-toxic materials such as stainless steel, silicone, melamine, polymer, wood, and more. Spill and scratch-resistant options available.

3. Toys

Safe, stimulating, stylish. We produce a range of toys such as interactive puzzles, durable chew toys, and plushies with safe fillings to cater to pets of all sizes, play styles, and mental/physical needs.

4. Clothing

Quirky designs, comfortable fabrics, adjustable fits. From stylish accessories to weather-specific clothing and everyday wear to occasion wear, we manufacture for a range of pet needs.

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