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BZAAR:Source from India, hassle-free

From design to delivery, we'll take care of everything.

Why Choose BZAAR

We know India inside out.

With decades of experience navigating India's complex, diverse markets, we simplify your sourcing journey.

We do the heavy lifting.

From finding the right vendor to handling product development, quality checks, and delivery, we'll take care of everything.

Vendors you can count on.

We work with 75+ ISO, SEDEX, or GOTS-certified vendors who consistently deliver high-quality products.

Your specs, our expertise.

We deep-dive into your specs, identify vendors based on capabilities, create CAD models & samples, and follow a 40-step QC process.

No more guesswork.

Our user-friendly dashboards and transparent tracking give you real-time visibility of the entire product journey.

We are US-registered.

This means simpler payments, US warehousing and dedicated support during convenient US hours.


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How we work

At Bzaar, we streamline your sourcing journey from design to delivery. Our specialized services

are tailored to ensure efficiency and meet global needs. Experience our end-to-end supply

chain solutions, your reliable partner for quality and transparency.

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1. Briefing


2. Research

& Design

3. Sampling

4. Production

5. Tracking

6. Quality


7. Warehousing

8. Shipping

Add-on services

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Original Designs

We partner with US-based Design & Trend experts who understand the pulse of global market trends, seasonal influences, and cultural nuances, to develop original designs that your customers will love.

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Packaging Design

We work with you to create packaging that not only delivers your products safely but also reflects your brand. Our custom packaging services include plenty of sustainable options.

Product photography

We offer professional e-commerce photography services, from lifestyle shots to detailed product images, to help you showcase these beautiful products in the best way.

Our Vendor Network Has Served

Delve into Bzaar's vetted network of certified vendors and seasoned manufacturers, all adhering to international standards. Benefit from our expertise in quality, operations, and logistics for a seamless sourcing experience with seasoned pros.

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About Us

India has come of age and how! India's GDP is #5 in the world and growing at 6-8% YoY. According to the World Bank, the nation's Ease of Doing Business Rank is dramatically improving.

With rapid technological advancements and low manufacturing costs ($1.94/hour average), New Age India is an exciting destination for retailers looking to diversify their sourcing strategy globally. Bzaar is at the forefront of this change. We recognize India's immense potential, but we also understand the challenges of navigating its vast and complex markets.

Our mission is to simplify and streamline the sourcing process for businesses looking to procure from India.As India emerges as a global manufacturing hub, let us be your trusted ally in unlocking its full potential!

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Meet our Global Team


Nishant Verman

CEO, Co-Founder

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Dhruv Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

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John Jacobson

Chief Revenue Officer

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Linda Simpson

US Trend & Design Head

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Muneesh Sharma

Process & QA Head

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Choosing Fabric

Faced trouble with India Sourcing? Let us turn it around for you.

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